Brick quality testing and data sheets

To ensure a high-quality product that is suited to its intended application and environmental conditions CEBA performs a wide range of quality tests on its bricks. CEBA operates its own in-house materials testing laboratory, to develop products and to undertake ongoing batch testing of its bricks.

Where independent certification of product quality is sought CEBA bricks are also submitted for testing to an appropriate, independent NATA accredited laboratory.

Currently testing

  • Testing a wide range of mortar recipes for MPa strength, erosion resistance and shrinkage.
  • MPa testing on different brick recipes
  • Flexural strength. 
  • Bond wrench testing. Testing mortar and a range of adhesive bonding strengths.
  • Alternate stabilisers such as Dirt Glue and Terra3000 
  • Testing soils and stabiliser quantities for use as pavers.


‘Sandstone’ brick data sheets

Below are data sheet downloads of the test results conducted specifically in regards to the ‘Sandstone’ bricks. 


Sandstone Brick profile fact sheet PDF download
Sandstone Brick Compressive strength/MPa data sheet PDF download
Sandstone, CSIRO Accelerated erosion test data sheet PDF Download
Sandstone Dry density/Water absorption data sheet PDF Download
Sandstone optimal moisture content data sheet PDF Download
Sandstone Liquid limit and Plasticity index worksheet PDF Download